Single Voltage-Controlled Resonant Bandpass filter (VCRBPF) with dual
Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFO)

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7-09-2008 - v1.0 Available!

            I never actually stated that these are available now, sorry!

7-07-2008 - Samples

            This always takes longer than I expect. It's just too much fun! It is so easy to get lost in the sounds. When I make music, I usually end up making ambient/noise/drone stuff, so I get lost in the drone sounds, heh. Anywhosiewhatsit, here they are. I avoided repeating the stuff that is on the Plague Bearer page already and mainly used a constant tone on the input, leaving the variations to the LFO rates. the occasional background hum is from using the line in on my Computer's old audio card (Soundblaster Audigy2), which picks up the fan noise as well as noise from the computer's switch-mode power supply.

Slow 1 0:39 LFO at slowest setting
Slow 2 0:28 Same, but different routing.
Bass OD 0:07 Quick clip of how much you can boost the low end
square gate 0:27 Guess!
triangle 0:43 Triangle LFO modulation
varied 1:05 Screwing around
varied 2 1:35 Look at me go! I slow down the input frequency.
Slow&OD 1:09 Slow input tone, overdriving the input. I want coffee.... brb
Deep saw mod 2:08 Yup, saw.
Alarm clock 2:51 TIME TO WAKE UP!
Pulsing, varied 2:20 drone-ish
Chopper 3:19 Deep square modulation
Noisy 5:21 Cacophony!
From Bells to Monkeys! 5:32 Heh, starts out sounding like bells(ish), ends up sounding like monkeys.

7-06-2008 - Crap, I ran out of time. I'll have the samples up tomorrow, I promise :)

7-05-2008 - Prototype completed:

Parasite Front view

Parasite front left view Parasite front right view


            Continuing from where the Plague Bearer left off - the Parasite.

            The Parasite is a single-channel filter of the exact same topology as the Plague Bearer, with extra goodies to enhace its usefulness! We like goodies. Now here's the list thereof:

  1. The VCRBPF has a Mix control - akin to "Depth" or "Wet/Dry".
  2. Two independant LFOs, each with Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Square, and Sine waveforms.
  3. Each LFO has a rate control as well as a rate indicator LED
  4. The filter's High and Low cutoff frequencies each have a panel control and a switch to select LFO A, LFO B, or neither.
  5. The High and Low cutoffs also have a modulation depth control to vary the amount of effect from the LFO. (Thanks for reminding me!)
  6. 1/4" Switchcraft jacks for Input and Output.
  7. Power switch

            This one took some work! The control layout may seem a bit odd, but that was the only way to get everything in there. I crammed as much as possible into this enclosure, and I hope you enjoy it. The Parasite runs off of a 30V wall-wart, but I am debating on designing an external battery pack for it, we shall see.

            The model in the above pictures is the prototype - there will be a few minor changes in the shipping units. The LFO selector switch knobs will be virtually identical to those displayed, just with a black band around the upper end of the knurled portion. I am looking for some suitable power switches with shorter levers but haven't found good ones yet. That's pretty much all for now, but there may be other minor changes in the shipping units.

            I should have sound samples up late 7/6/2008 (tomorrow). The samples on the Plague Bearer page apply to the Parasite as well. All of the guitar and bass samples are using just one channel of the PB, so have a listen!


How to order:

Send flight an email via the contact page. We accept Paypal, credit and debit (via PayPal of course). The email address is also the PayPal address. All orders must be pre-paid. Price does not include shipping - email me with your location to get it calculated.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Dimensions: 7.75" L x 1.5" D x 2.5" W. Weight: 12oz. (does not include AC adaptor)

Ships from Seattle, WA 98115 United States.

We are still working on the site and hope to get the Store page up eventually.


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